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  • Kelli - Suwanee, GA  
    ""I wanted to tell you how much Brooke thoroughly enjoyed the Cotillion classes! So much so, that she has said to me on a few different occasions that if you offer it again and need a volunteer to demonstrate, she would love to be considered! She most definitely benefited from the class! I’m still in awe of all that you were able to fit in, in such a short period of time. Kudos to you for a job well done!" "

  • Mary - Suwanee, GA  
    ""Catherine really enjoyed your program. I think it is so great what you are doing with these kids. Your program is very informative and educational. She really had a great time." "

  • Alicia - Suwanee, GA 
    ""I also want to thank you once again for all the hard work you put in to the etiquette classes. I know Kate learned a lot. I look forward to enrolling my son, Jack, in your course when he becomes old enough as well." "

  • Stacey - Suwanee, GA 
    ""Honestly, when discussing with my eighth grade son, Nathan, cotillion classes, the idea was met with resistance. However, after the first class, Nathan secretly anticipated and looked forward to classes every week. Also, the word documents you emailed after each class session, highlighting each weeks curriculum, was extremely helpful and provided great material for dinner conversations. On the drive to the final Cotillion luncheon held at the beautiful Windermere Golf and Country Club, Nathan expressed concern as to a stomach ache, recognized to parents as nerves, but after reassuring him that the students would be seated in their own private room (without parents), his symptoms quickly disappeared. :) ""

  • Janice - Grand Rapids, MI 
    "I know Ava learned a lot in your class and I'm glad I enrolled her. "

  • Heather - Alto, MI 
    "It appears as though the 2 hours spent with you were very helpful. Cooper has been much better with his table manners. We very much enjoyed meeting you and learning from your talents. I have to admit, I learned a thing or two as well!"

  • Katie - Grand Rapids, MI 
    "Thank you so much for this class. I hope you have a refresher/ continuation next year. Evan has enjoyed his experience:)What a wonderful and engaging experience! A great opportunity to teach and reinforce the importance of manners that will carry with our children throughout a lifetime! Thank you Mrs. Hunnewell ( a true Georgia Peach)"

  • Benjamin - GR Community Foundation 
    "The event went extremely well! The kids did great. I know they felt more confident as a result of our prep. They had many meaningful interactions with donors and other adults—they were very respectful and mindful of their surroundings. Thank you for working with us and the help you gave our students. We will definitely keep you in mind for any future social intelligence opportunities for our students. The first time is always the most difficult, but we keep learning every time! Thanks again,"

  • Debbie - Grand Rapids 
    "Graham was in this class last year, and it was great. One challenge we run into at home frequently is interrupting. Think you guys could spend a little time discussing this? Thanks for offering the class!"

  • Kelli - Grand Rapids 
    "Peyton and Parker still mention the things that they learned! In this present day, I feel etiquette gets forgotten about little by little with each generation, which is sad. I love that you are keeping it alive and yes, would definitely recommend your classes!"

  • Valerie - Grand Rapids 
    "Thanks for a great class. Morgan really enjoyed it. She wanted to show off her {table setting} "skills" and we wanted to see. She taught my son to push the chair in for my other daughter. And She even asked my husband for some classical music to be played. It was fun! She wants to do a nice dinner once a week. We think it would be fun too. "

  • Elaine - White Pigeon 
    "The etiquette party was a total success. I got positive feed back from the parents and the girls would talk about it when they saw me. Your ability to teach a lot of information in a kind & loving way allowed for a fertile ground of learning."

  • Vanessa - East Lansing, MI 
    "It was wonderful to meet with you. I appreciate your time, your expertise, and the information that you shared with us about proper etiquette. We learned a great deal from you. I would love to have you meet with us again, in the future."

  • Michele B. - Grand Rapids 
    "I wanted to let you know that Liv seems to really be enjoying your class and loves to bring it home. We are constantly being reminded about our own elbows on the table and crossing my legs. Table manners, with napkins and silverware still seem to be a struggle. Any additional help you would like to give to Olivia would be appreciated."

  • Sonika - Grand Rapids 
    "Thanks a lot for these great pictures . "A" had such a good time and he is looking forward for another session with you ."

  • Kiran - Grand Rapids 
    "Thank you for reinforcing and encouraging good manners with our children."

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